Las Vegas Motor Speedway


January 2019


$50,000 USD/team (2 to 5 drivers) 

Includes training day with pros & race day, race car, gear, meals and insurance.






The experience

If you are competitive, believe in supporting great causes, and love racing - you are gonna love this event. Think of it as a mini private Le Mans: teams of up to 5 drivers compete in a 4-hour endurance race. So gather your best buddies, build a corporate team, or recruit your own squad and you're off to the races. Each team pilots an identical EXR LV02, a lightweight (1,653 pounds) car powered by a 230 hp 4-cylinder engine, with each driver taking turns. 

Enjoy this great competition, with real racing in fun cars, without any of the hassle. This full service package gives you access to the best equipment and training with pros before the race. The great fleet of race cars, purpose-built tracks, excellent track-side facilities, personalized coaching, and skilled technicians are all supplied for a turn-key experience.

And don't worry, we'll be crowning a winner, there will be a podium, and maybe even some champagne... cause after all, a race is a race, and bragging rights are worth fighting for.  Ultimately everyone wins as you'll be supporting a great cause, and have a blast doing it.



the fine print


Training day: The perfect warm-up to give you a real taste of racing before Race Day. You will start the day in a classroom briefing on the basics of car dynamics, and after changing into your racing suits and getting a live presentation of the LV02, you will head to the skid pad for some driving exercises including threshold braking/downshifting, corner study and slalom. After some discovery laps, you will take part in your first lapping session, and will be able to enjoy the light weight and cornering speeds of the extremely fast LV02. After a debrief including data and video review, you will head on tack again for another session to try to perfect your lines and braking techniques. Next up, a ride-along with one of our coaches will allow you to see for yourself the car's capabilities, and help you perfect your driving pre-race. Finally, you'll be shown the necessary racing basics such as flags and passing techniques.

Driver rotation: teams must be comprised of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 drivers. Each driver must complete at 3 laps.

Crash clause: Drivers are fully responsible for their crash damage, no matter who is responsible for the crash. Every driver is responsible for all damages caused to the car he/she operates. Drivers are also responsible for damages cause to the track. Insurance coverage is included with maximum damage covered of $25,000 with $5,000 deductible.













Intro to the cause this event will support.











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ready, set...


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